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GIG REVIEW | Sleeping with Sirens @ Nottingham Rock City 1st March

For anyone who is a fan of Sleeping with Sirens, Kellin Quinn is probably your idol and more seriously, your hero. He is to us what Harry Styles is to Directioners, so you can imagine the excitement of them playing my favourite venue, Rock City, on their ‘Madness’ world tour.I have to admit, I am never really entertained by support bands, with a few exceptions including British pop punk band As It Is. They came on after Beach Weather and This Wild Life who, despite being reasonably good, didn’t really warm the crowd up. As Patty Walters (the lead singer) walked on stage there was total uproar, although not entirely on the same spectrum as Sleeping With Sirens, and they began their set, playing songs from their debut album ‘Never Happy, Ever After’. Mic swinging, crowd surfing and leaping into the air took this half an hour set into complete mayhem…ready for what was to follow.

Regardless of the fact band member, Justin Hills (bass player) couldn’t be at the gig the band still came out in full force, introducing the set with ‘Don’t Say Anything’ from their latest album. The room went wild, lights flashed purple and white as Kellin ran around the stage screaming ‘Why are you so pissed of?’ and shrill, high pitched screams followed not too far behind. The band radiated an effervescence absorbed by the crowd from beginning to end and when Kellin sang in captivating, acapella everyone stopped the frantic movements and observed the unexpected, yet beguiling, ending to our favourite songs. They continued singing ‘Kick Me’, ‘Better of Dead’, ‘Parasites’ and many more, stopping occasionally to chat and hurl a few guitar picks out into the crowd. Hands waved in exhilaration and girls screeching continuously echoed around the room until they announced the last two songs and, in what felt like a second,  finished the performance and left the stage.

The floor started shaking to the simultaneous chanting of ‘we want more’ which continued for a minute or two until finally, the band sauntered onstage to play two final songs. Performing ‘If You Can’t Hang’ and ‘Do It Now Remember It Later’ with everything they had, Sleeping with Sirens ended the show with their dedicated patronage supporting them all the way.

Kellin hit the final note, Jack threw his towel into the crowd and they disappeared off the stage, leaving their fans buzzing from head to toe.

-Eliza Laben


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