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Ones To Watch | Pretty Vicious

There are always hundreds of new artists entering the music scene, but hardly any of them really make it. We see artists, who we have never heard of before, release a hit single and then disappear never to be seen again. Then there are the bands who start off playing local pubs and slowly yet effectively become more recognised until they are playing arenas and stadiums.So this is where I introduce pretty Vicious. They’re not exactly celebrated personalities  but more acknowledged is what they are. Wales’ most hyped bands of the moment, have supported The Vaccines, had their own headline tour and played festivals such as Glastonbury. For the welsh rock group, consisting of four teenagers Brad Griffiths (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Tom McCarthy (Guitar), Jarvis Morgan (Bass) and Elliot Jons (Drums), they’re achievements some artists can only dream of.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 08.00.09.png

I first heard the band on BBC Radio 1 playing ‘Are You Ready For Me’, which tends to be where most of the new and upcoming artists are played. It wasn’t instantly infatuated but I liked the music and made note to listen to them again, which I did. After hearing a couple more songs I was hooked and they were instantly added to my playlist with the likes of ‘You Me At Six’ and ‘Blink 182’.

The band bring garage punk to the stage with guitar riffs, passionate lyrics and overall exuberance. Brad’s throaty vocals and brash confidence exude an Oasis like attitude, with a flourish of Alex Turner. Their heavy and aggressive sound isn’t to everyone’s liking but that isn’t stopping them from making it big…which they will. Now, as is the case for most up and coming bands, we’re just waiting for an album.

-Eliza Laben

FOR FANS OF: Slaves and Rat Boy.


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