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EP REVIEW | Cave Song // Pretty Vicious

Cardiff rock group Pretty Vicious have released their fourth EP ‘Cave Song’ which features 4 tracks, one of which is the title track that first got them noticed and created the buzz around this rising, rock band.

The first song on the EP ‘Cave Song’, and what makes this EP so good, is packed with heavy guitars, aggressive drum beats and screaming vocals from Brad Griffiths,¬†everything you identify with Pretty Vicious. They connect with the fans through relatable lyrics and catchy beats which you could jump up and down to all day.

‘Ambien’ and ‘Down My Way’ exude a much calmer, almost relaxing, ambience. They still consist of the usual grungy, gritty sound but turned down a notch and the variation of moods Pretty Vicious show through this EP shows just how talented they are.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 08.01.56

The final song ‘Black and Blue’ goes back to their most familiar sound and replicates songs like ‘Are You Ready For Me’ but with an intro similar to that of Nirvana. Through this EP they really show us what they can do and the different sounds they can deliver while still sounding like the punk-infused Pretty Vicious we all know and love.

-Eliza Laben




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