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ALBUM REVIEW | Pierce The Veil // Misadventures

The highly anticipated album ‘Misadventures’ is Pierce the Veils 4th studio album and first album since 2012 when they released ‘Collide with the Sky’. The American post-hardcore band psyched fans up when they dropped the single ‘Divine Zero’ in June last year, hoping for an album to released. But it wasn’t until the beginning on 2016 they announced ‘Misadventures’ along with the debut of their official single ‘Texas is Forever’.

After waiting this long, expectations were high and Pierce The Veil have certainly delivered a spectacular album. The opening song ‘Dive In’ sets the stage for the entire album and follows a similar theme to most of their songs. A long instrumental intro, gradually introducing vocals builds up to0 a fast paced song true to the band’s well-known sound.

‘Floral and Fading’ is a song written for Vic’s girlfriend after she received hate over the internet for them being together. The lyrics describe them ‘faking their own deaths’ to escape everything. At a slower pace, than they’re typical songs like ‘Texas is Forever’ (which the band said is the fastest song they’ve ever recorded), this track focuses on the expressive vocals and keeps the guitar and drum beat toned down. For me. this is the catchiest and best song on the album and I’ve had it on repeat sing the release of the album.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 07.56.50.png

Their second single from the album ‘Circles’, which has now been played on BBC Radio 1, is inspired by the Paris attacks and the lyrics ‘I took your hand and we both started running’ expresses what he would have done in the situation if he was with his girlfriend. This track is one of the most popular on the album, with super catchy lyrics and fast-paced guitar riffs.

‘Today I Saw The Whole World’ combines fast guitar and drum beat with Vics pained, vocals and screams and makes for a song that will fit perfectly into their live shows with the crowd singing repeatedly ‘sick entertainment and I hope it feels good’ and is already loved by the whole fanbase. ‘Gold Medal Ribbon’, a song written for Vic’s friend who passed away, is a ballad that stays true to Pierce the Veils sound and lyrical quality. The words are passionate and describe the hard times Vic has been through as do the other songs on the track.

As always, the band produces songs that fans can relate to and are more than just a typical love song. And finally, the long wait is over (and certainly worth it), Pierce the Veil are back and we couldn’t be happier.

-Eliza Laben


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