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GIG REVIEW | The Sherlocks @The Leadmill 3rd June

Sheffield’s up and coming indie band ‘The Sherlocks’ put on a sold-out show at The Leadmill last Friday, showing that steel city’s music scene is bigger and better than ever as the first unsigned band to sell out The Leadmill since Arctic Monkeys. Their set consisted of much-loved, original songs from start to finish, leaving us begging for more. And based on their number of sold out gigs around the country over the past few years, we can expect The Sherlocks to be around for a while.

Supports from Sheffield/Chesterfield based band Time Sellers and Nottingham based band The Tangents, despite being mediocre, hyped the crowd up leaving them dancing and chanting ‘Sherlocks Army’ at the top of their voices causing total pandemonium before the beloved, Yorkshire boys had set foot on stage.

They opened the show with their most recent single ‘Last Night’ which fans have shown great support for over social media and were more than excited about when the drums started and the gig truly began. The whole room was instantly immersed in jumping, shouting and sweat covered bodies. Pints went flying, along with a few overly excited fans, as the room vibrated from the chanting and dancing. Two of the bands most popular songs ‘Escapade’ and ‘Live For The Moment’ continue to be a crowd pleaser and the energy in the room  changed instantly from one hundred to one thousand. The room shook with excitement and bouncing bodies were lifted into the air in mostly failed attempts to reach the barrier, but even they couldn’t dampen the atmosphere. Everywhere you looked there were beaming faces, dripping with sweat buzzing every time the pit owned up and they had an opportunity to run at their friends.

Half way through the evening the band tried to slow it down for a moment playing ‘Turn the Clock’, but even a heartfelt ballad couldn’t stop the Sheffield crowd. Although the pit became tamer, collisions and people on shoulders were still present and the singing could be heard over everything in the room.

‘Chasing Shadows’ finished off the night in style. Flares were set of (much to the band’s distaste) creating a pink and blue mist filling the room as the pit commenced with no holding back, crowd surfing, jumping, shoving and pretty much just throwing themselves at the stage to show their appreciation to The Sherlocks. And as the song came to an end and the cheering died down, the musty air slowly cleared and the energy -filled bodies cleared from the room continuing the chanting of ‘Sherlock Army’ down the street.

Although we’re still waiting on an album, The Sherlocks continue to produce fantastic music and gigs that get better every time, proving that they’re worthy of the huge patronage behind them. And this gig is one we’ll never forget.

-Eliza Laben


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