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GIG REVIEW | RAT BOY @ The Leadmill 16th Sept

We’ve heard all the horror stories of fans breaking their legs, walking out of Rat Boy gigs crippled. Well, I can now say (after nearly loosing my shoes to the pit), all the tales are true.

It’s officially gig season and first up, on a list of many, was Rat Boy. I was already incredibly excited to see one of my favourite bands and get back into the pit when they announced the support was to be a local, well-loved and incredibly talented band Trash. Their set was one of the most lively of any support band I have experienced and even Jordan and Liam from Rat Boy got in the pit. Then the second support came on, and despite being a great band, the atmosphere vanished from the room.

The excitement was restored as props and microphones for Rat Boys set were brought onto the stage. The crowd was dancing, chanting and generally enjoying the friendly atmosphere. As the lights dimmed and the music began the crowd cheered whilst preparing themselves for what was next. It was only a few seconds into their set that a circle pit had opened up and was in full swing. They played all their well-known tracks such as ‘Sign On’ and ‘Fake ID’ and every single one was a crowd pleaser. Even the instrumental tracks were a massive hit (and a chance to rest our voices).

Their set was overly produced, with props and bright lights, however it worked for them perfectly. At the time it didn’t feel it as it suited the almost electronic style of the band.

Closing to their recent single ‘Move’, the crowd went wild. The room was vibrating from chanting of the lyrics and the sheer number of people jumping and pushing around. Rat Boy had given their fans an evening they would remember forever, showing us what they’re made off.

-Eliza Laben


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