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GIG REVIEW | Sundara Karma @ Rescue Rooms 27th Sept

Oscar Lulu’s bleach blonde hair and brooding looks, without a doubt, are a huge push factor for fans to buy tickets to their shows, and after playing many festivals across the summer, the band have created quite the buzz.

Rescue Rooms in Nottingham is one of the smallest venues I have been to during my time attending gigs. Admittedly, I was skeptical that the capacity would effect the overall atmosphere of the gig, however, I could not be more wrong. From the first band, of whom I can’t remember the name, to Freak and then of course Sundara Karma there was excitement and energy bursting out the walls of the club. It’s unusual at small gigs that the support band get the crowd moving, but Freak were an exception. Despite not knowing their music everyone was jumping from start to finish.

Sundara Karma opened to ‘Indigo Puff’, a favourite of the crowd that night. Everyone started dancing and singing, and didn’t come up for breath once. They continued their set list, playing all of their well-known tracks such as ‘A Young Understanding’ and ‘Flame’, as well as their new track (unreleased at the time) ‘Olympia’.

The crowd continued pushing each other in an attempt to dance and starting unnecessary circle pits, most of which died down before the chorus of the songs. ‘She Said’ and ‘Vivenne’ were two of the most lively songs they played. Being new releases they were fresh on the top of everyones minds and the excitement was uncontainable. Sweat filled the venue as bodies and drinks were hurled around without consideration.

‘Loveblood’ started for their final song and the crowd went crazy. It was the perfect track to put an end to such a memorable night, leaving everyone wanting more. Despite being such a small gig and setlist it was one I will never forget.

-Eliza Laben



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