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GIG REVIEW | Blossoms @ The Leadmill 4th October

After supporting The Stone Roses on one of their sold out gigs at Manchester Etihad Arena,  and playing huge sets at festivals across the country, Blossoms embarked on their UK headline tour, playing an extensive list of venues. Unfortunately for me, the tour sold out rather quickly, and I missed out on getting a ticket. After a long and stressful attempt to find a ticket, I was put on the guest list buy the drummer (Joe Donovan).

The first support band Cabbage put on an unusual and lifeless performance to say the least. Running around the stage screaming indistinguishable words is not to my personal taste and differed rather a lot from the sound that Blossoms produce. However my attitude change when the second support Declan McKenna came on stage. He’s an artist I have loved for a while now and his set was beautifully entertaining (playing his most popular songs such as ‘Isombard’ and ‘Brazil’), leaving me desperate to see him on his UK headline tour in January. It was the perfect introduction the the band we all came to see.

Blossoms introduced their set with ‘At Most A Kiss’, a song that certainly got the crowd moving. The set was full of their most popular songs, plenty of circle pits and the perfect combination of upbeat and slow songs. ‘Blow’ was an experience like no other. The crowd stood and sang to their hearts content, as the band stopped playing, and all you could hear was the entire room belting the lyrics.

Their cover of ‘Your Gorgeous’ and ‘Half the World Away’ combined with their original song ‘My Favourite Room’ has been talked about online since their first performance of it and has become a massive hit amongst the fans so when they played it at Leadmill you can imagine the excitement. Tom Ogden asked ‘who’s been through a break up recently?’ and with many responses he dedicated the song to one of the people in the crowd. People got on shoulders and sang their hearts out to the incredible mash up of these hit songs. As one boy began to crowd surf, Ogden stopped the song and (in jest) said ‘You’ve made me forget the words now, who the fuck crowd surfs to my favourite room?’, leaving the crowd with a memorable experience of the Blossoms gig.

Finally it was the song everyone had been waiting for, the crowd opened into a huge circle pit as Tom Ogden introduced their hit single “Charlemagne’. The moment the opening lyrics ‘Hello, Hello’ filled the room, people hurled themselves into the centre of the pit, jumping up and down with excitement. The whole room was singing passionately, without a care in the world. As the song came to an end and the band left stage, the room slowly emptied of sweaty , bouncing bodies.

-Eliza Laben


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