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GIG REVIEW | Drowners @ The Leadmill 14th Oct


The Welsh rock band Drowners have finally embarked on a UK headline tour, we’ve been waiting long enough. On release of their second album ‘On Desire’ they have provided us with epic live shows around the country.

Being a fairly small and un-known band, this is the first time Drowners have brought a tour to to UK so being a fan, I had to bag a ticket. It was a small, intimate gig but the crowd was as lively as any other I’ve been to. Unfortunately I was unfamiliar with the support bands and never caught there names, but they were nothing special. Tonight, for me, was about Drowners.

Despite being such a small venue (it was the backroom for anyone familiar with Leadmill), the band put on a rowdy, rock’n’roll show from start to finish, playing songs from both their debut and most recent album. Although most of the crowd were up for just standing and watching the band perform, in typical gig fashion, I along with several others began a circle pit to each and every song, livening the crowd up. Besides, it was their first time playing the UK, we wanted it to be special.

As most gigs go, this has to be one of the most relaxed and easy going I have been to which, made it all that more enjoyable.

-Eliza Laben


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