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GIG REVIEW | The Sherlocks @ Sheffield Foundry 3rd March

I had been waiting for this gig for a long time, the last time I went to see The Sherlocks was in June and it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to. The four piece, indie-rock band are local to Sheffield so the excitement when they announce a show here is uncontainable, which is certainly present in the crowds at the shows.

This was in fact the fourth time I have been to see them, unfortunately not one of the best. It was an incredible gig, but in terms of the crowd, it didn’t quite live up to their 2015 Christmas show at the Plug. It seemed a short set, but that didn’t seem to matter as they played all the songs that everyone knows and loves so well.They played their biggest hits including ‘Escapade’,’Last Night’ and ‘Live For The Moment’. The crowd was fantastic, chanting ‘Sherlock Army’ at every interlude there was and hurling their bodies around the room.

Not only was the gig brilliant, the venue was exceptional. Bouncers at The Foundry were friendly and helpful, unlike at The Leadmill and with it being a Student Union, prices of drinks were much more suitable to the age range that the band attract. The room also had plenty of space to stand and watch the band without having to be involved in the violence of the mosh pit.

One of the most memorable moments for me, had to be the bridge in ‘Escapade’. You wouldn’t expect an 18 year old girl weighing only 8 stone to have the strength to push several grown men out the way in order to start a circle pit, but I did. It was a proud moment. My friend and I both pushed bodies round the room to open it up and eventually, everyone realised what was going on and helped us out. The entire room was split, as members of the crowd threw themselves across the pit and danced with their friends. It was an epic moment, the whole crowd came together to enjoy one of their favourite bands in style.

As the band finished of their set, a swarm of fans left the venue chanting ‘Sherlock Army’ begging for more, and with a debut album finally on the way, they won’t have to wait long.

I can honestly say that The Sherlocks never fail to disappoint.

-Eliza Laben


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